The GNH Centre Australia

The Gross National Happiness Centre Australia is the Australian partner of The Gross National Happiness Centre in Bhutan.

The GNH Centre Australia is working to build and connect the movement of individuals and organisations in Australia that believe in an alternative paradigm of development, based around the philosophy of Gross National Happiness. Learn about the philosophy of Gross National Happiness here.

The GNH Centre Australia will be running workshops, seminars and community building events, including the annual Slow Change Experience in Bhutan.

We are also exploring opportunities to apply GNH to research, advocacy and new enterprise development.

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Upcoming Events

The Happiness Tour
June 20-28, NSW & VIC

Dr. Saamdu Chetri, the Executive Director of the GNH Centre Bhutan, is coming to Australia to share his wisdom on Gross National Happiness and an alternative paradigm for development.

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The Slow Change Experience
November 16-28, 2017

The Slow Change Experience is a 12 day journey through Bhutan to discover Gross National Happiness and explore how this philosophy can be applied in Australia.

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